Corrosion resistant alloy

Inconel 601




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Inconel 601 (US UNS n06601 / German

Chemical composition of Inconel 601:




Physical properties of Inconel 601:

(a)8.1 g/cm3

In the solution state of Inconel 601, the mechanical properties of the alloy at room temperature:

alloyTensile strength < br clear = "all" / > σ B (MPA)Yield strength < br clear = "all" / > σ 0.2 (MPA)Elongation < br clear = "all" / > a5%

&Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; hardness


Six hundred and one≥600≥240≥30≤220

This alloy has the following properties:

It has excellent oxidation resistance and carbonization resistance at high temperature. It has good mechanical properties at room temperature and high temperature, and good stress corrosion cracking resistance. 601 has high creep fracture strength because of controlling carbon content and grain size, so it is recommended to use 601 in the field above 500 ℃. At the same time, one of the important properties of 601 alloy is its oxidation resistance at 1180 ℃. Even under very severe conditions, such as heating and cooling cycle, 601 can form a layer of dense oxide film and obtain high peeling resistance. 601 has good carbonation resistance. 601 has good oxidation resistance in high temperature sulfur atmosphere due to its high content of chromium and aluminum

Metallographic structure of Inconel 601:

601 is a face centered cubic lattice structure

The application fields of Inconel 601 include:

1. Pallet, basket and fixture for heat treatment plant

2. Steel wire strand annealing and radiation tube, high-speed gas burner, wire mesh belt in industrial furnace

3. Isolation tank in ammonia reforming and catalytic support grid in nitric acid manufacturing

4. Exhaust system components

5. Combustion chamber of solid waste incinerator

6. Pipe support and ash handling components

7. Components of waste gas detoxification system

8. Oxygen reheater

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