Corrosion resistant alloy

Inconel 600




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Inconel 600 (US UNS n06600 / German

Chemical composition of Inconel 600:




Physical properties of Inconel 600:

density8.4 g/cm3
melting point1370-1425 ℃


In the solution state of Inconel 600, the mechanical properties of the alloy at room temperature:

tensile strengthσb (Mpa)yield strengthσ0.2 (Mpa)
A5 %





Inconel 600 alloy has the following properties:

Alloy 600 has good mechanical properties under zero, room temperature and high temperature, and has good creep rupture strength. It is recommended to be used in working environment above 700 ℃. Alloy 600 has good corrosion resistance to all kinds of corrosion media, such as acetic acid, acetic acid, formic acid, stearic acid and other organic acids, and medium corrosion resistance in inorganic acids. It has excellent corrosion resistance in high purity water used in primary and secondary circulation of nuclear reactor. The outstanding performance of 600 is that it can resist the corrosion of dry chlorine and hydrogen chloride, and the application temperature is 650 ℃. At high temperature, the annealed and solution treated alloys have good oxidation resistance and high strength in air. The alloy can also resist ammonia gas, nitriding and carburizing atmosphere. However, when the redox conditions change alternately, the alloy will be corroded by some oxidation media (such as green dead liquid)

Metallographic structure of Inconel 600:

600 is a face centered cubic lattice structure.

The applications of Inconel 600 include:

1. Thermowells in corrosive atmosphere

2. Vinyl chloride monomer production: resistant to chlorine, hydrogen chloride, oxidation and carbonization

3. Conversion of uranium to Hexafluoride by oxidation: resistance to hydrogen fluoride corrosion

4. Production and use fields of corrosive alkali metals, especially the environment where sulfide is used

5. Titanium dioxide production by chlorine

6. Production of organic or inorganic chlorides and fluorides: resistance to chlorine and fluorine gas corrosion

7. Nuclear reactor

8. Curved neck bottle and parts in heat treatment furnace, especially in carbonization and nitriding atmosphere

9. Alloy 600 is recommended for the catalytic regenerator in petrochemical production for applications above 700 ℃ to obtain long service life

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